What We Do


Human Resource

AICA assist small and medium Financial Services employers with all HR and IR related services.


Recruitment of Financial Industry staff is done through our ‘perfect match’ pre-screening programme, at very competitive costs to employers.

Market Research

AICA do outsource Market Research activities after consultation with our Financial Services Employer Clients, depending on our client’s needs.

Life – Short term and Investments Leads Generation

Our Unique Solution for generating leads will soon be available.

Conflict Management

Our unique Problem Solving and Conflict Management team does wonders through consulting / counselling of staff / management to motivate and council staff to maximum production and happiness. We also assist in Trauma Counselling where needed.

Property management

AICA facilitates all Property Management and Turn Key Solutions aspects of our clients in the Financial Servicing arena.

When we take the guesswork out of recruiting, employers can trust and rely on new employees,

from day one.


Our Principles

Full Support

We help Employers creating their job spec and we help job seekers writing their CV’s.


We help Employers creating their job spec and we help job seekers writing their CV’s.

Our Skills

Hannes and Gerda have been recruiting Financial Services Staff in various roles from Banking, Insurance, Investments, Management, Financial Planning, Short Term Insurance sales and administration, Life Insurance Sales etc.


We know how time consuming it is for Employers recruiting the perfect employee for a specific role or position.


In Hannes’s previous roles as acquisition and sales manager in the banking sector, as well as sales and investment manager, and with Gerda’s previous roles as recruiter and manager, they form a formidable team. 

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Recent Projects


Seasoned Financial Advisers Project

Through our vast database of seasoned financial advisers, we were able to place these professionals in various roles in the Financial Service industry.

Academy Advisers

We searched for and vested new entrants into the Financial Services field through various Corporate Academy propositions.

Financial Services Admin Staff

Even the youngest admin person must be vetted and will have to undergo severe scrutinizing to ensure that all statutory requirements with regard to Fit and Proper is adhered to.

Our Partners