About Us


A Short Story About Our Company


Our founder and CEO, Hannes Scholtz,  started his career in the Financial Services arena back in 1988 and experienced exactly the same obstacles year in and year out. The single most difficult aspect of his day was to RECRUIT the perfect FINANCIAL SERVICES individuals.


After searching for solutions without success, he decided to do it himself. Hannes and his team developed a future fit screening programme because we know what the skill set is that is most needed in the Financial Services industry.


We teamed up with various corporate roll players and employers and we are recruiting those very hard to find, perfect match, individuals.


 Interested individuals are not seen as mere JOB SEEKERS or RECRUITS, but we partner with them on their journey, towards finding the perfect fit in an employer.


Our Features


Our Mission

We take the guess work out of Employment Matchmaking through our Perfect Match Employment process.

Our Approach

We partner with our recruits in their journey towards their dream Financial Services position, while partnering with employers in their likewise journey towards finding the perfect employee.

Quality Guarantee

We guarantee the quality of our recruits because of our faultless vetting process.

Our Technology

We developed a simplified and focussed skill set programme called “Perfect Match” in our Employment Matchmaker platform.




Large Corporate Employers


Smaller Employer Clients.


Current Financial Services Opportunities available.

Our Team


Hannes Scholtz RFP

Hiring staff in the Financial Services arena since 1988.

Gerda Scholtz BCom Marketing

A seasoned talent seeker for various industries, but currently only focusing on the Financial Services arena.

Suzahn Scholtz BCom HR

HR and IR are her field of expertise.

Marne Scholtz

IT and development.