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Some Of Our Featured Services


Human Resources

AICA assist small and medium Financial Services employers with all HR and IR related services.


Recruitment of Financial Industry staff is done through our ‘perfect match’ pre- screening programme, at very competitive costs to employers.

Market Research

AICA do outsource Market Research activities after consultation with our Financial Services Employer Clients, depending on our client’s needs.

Unique Solution

Unique Solutions are tailor made for our Financial Services clients.

Conflict Management

Our unique Problem Solving and Conflict Management team does wonders through even after hours consulting / counselling of staff / management to motivate and council staff to maximum production and happiness. We also assist in Trauma Counselling where needed.

Property management

AICA facilitates all Property Management and Turn Key Solutions aspects of our clients in the Financial Servicing arena.

Service with a smile.

We link Employers and Employees 24 7 365

CV Service

Email your CV to info@aica.co.za .

Employer Solutions

We assist in all employer and employee aspects of the workplace.